Sunday, November 1, 2009

Truthers list

Last Update: Aug. 27, 2010

And now, a short list of 9/11 "truthers"--people who claim that the events of September 11, 2001 were an inside job to whatever degree.

As, Berit
Asner, Ed [Actor]
Baker, Ace
Barrett, Kevin
Begley, Ed Jr. [Actor]
Belafonte, Harry [Singer, actor]
Bellamy, Matthew
Berg, Philip J.
Bergeron, Richard
Bermas, Jason
Bigard, Jean-Marie
Binoche, Juliette
Boutin, Christine
Breitweiser, Kristen
Brockers, Mathias
Brolan, James [Actor]
Brouillet, Carol
Casazza, Patty
Chiesa, Giulietto
Cho, Margaret [comedienne]
Cotillard, Marion [Actor]
Cuccurullo, Warren
Def, Mos [rappist; actor]
DeLonge, Tom [singer, Blink 182--not part of band anymore?]
Dice, Mark
Eminem [rappist]
Falk, Richard A.
Fetzer, James H.
Fo, Dario
Fujita, Yukihisa
Garofalo, Janeane [Actor, activist]--needs corroboration
Green, Seth [Actor]--needs corroboration, but doubtful
Griffin, David Ray
Hamid, Zaid
Harrelson, Woody [Actor]
Hicks, Sander
Hoffman, Jim

Icke, David: [Writer; conspiracy "theorist"; actually believes in the Illuminati--reptilian humanoids that "run everything"; says Boxcar Willie is one!]

Jones, Alex [Conspiracy "theorist"]
Jones, Steven E.
Jong, Erica
Lewis, William [Director]
Lynch, David [Director, "Blue Velvet"; Producer, Writer]
McGruder, Aaron ['Boondocks' comic]
Machon, Annie
Marrs, Jim
McKinney, Cynthia [Politician--D-GA (former congress)]
McMurtry, John
Meyssan, Thierry
Moore, Michael [movie-maker]
Nelson, Willie [singer/songwriter; actor]
O'Donnell, Rosie [Actor]
Orr, Daniel
Pratt, Heidi [Famous for being famous]
Pratt, Spencer [famous for being famous?]
Rense, Jeff
Reynolds, Morgan
Rivero, Mike [Radio host; hangs with Jones, Alex]
Roberts, Paul Craig
Rodriguez, William
Russo, Aaron
Scott, Peter Dale
Shayler, David
Sheen, Charlie [Actor]
Sheen, Martin [Actor]
Stone, Sharon [Actor]
Stubblebine, Albert
Sunjata, Daniel
Tarpley, Webster
Van Auken, Lorie
Ventura, Jesse [Actor; former governor of Minnesota]
von Bulow, Andreas
von Kleist, David
Walter, Jimmy
Zwicker, Barrie Site--Alex Jones; conspiracies Site--Alex Jones; conspiracies

Seems to be a somewhat leftie swing here. Just sayin'.

There's a video compilation over at YouTube in which some of these fine entertainers show us why they are better than engineers at describing what happened on September 11th.

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