Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Wild" Bill Donohue: "2012" Doesn't kill enough Muslims!

Yeah, Wild Bill is screeching about a movie that won't even be out for another week. He can accept that the Vatican and the Giant Jesus down in Rio will be destroyed, since those Christ-hatin' Hollyweirders are free to bash and ridicule God's Own Religion with impunity.

Wild Bill doesn't like that the Religion of Peace is under-represented in this John Cusack vehicle. Director Roland Emmerich admits that he didn't depict such things as the destruction of a holy statue in the Grand Mosque in Mecca because he's afraid of the sort of batshit-crazy people who went batshit-crazy over cartoons.

Wild Bill disagrees. It's not because Emmerich is afraid of Muslims wigging out and calling for blood! Nope. It's because Emmerich just hates them Catholics, because they're so peace-loving and just want to be left alone!

Wild Bill doesn't mention that he himself went batshit over a cracker. The big difference between Wild Bill and those Muslims who went batshit over cartoons? Wild Bill's people don't try to blow you up.

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