Thursday, November 12, 2009

'Balloon Boy's' father, Richard Heene

I heard about this guy's kookness from Skeptic's Guide to the Universe podcast #222. He buys into the "Illuminati" thing--a race of reptilian humanoids who have infiltrated leadership positions all over Earth (interesting Illuminati stuff at the link).

Says Hillary Clinton is a lizard:

We humans were genetically engineered to be their slaves.

See, I never really thought about this stuff until I stumbled over a Wikipedia entry on David Icke, who I'll write about later. I never really considered that people actually BELIEVED this stuff!

Put this into Google: "richard heene illuminati". What a resume!

Even the Freepers think he's nuts. That's saying something.

Heene used to be best-known for his stint on "Wife Swap"...until he perpretrated a hoax involving his 6-year-old son Falcon (FALCON?! Seriously?) being trapped in a UFO-shaped balloon. This was apparently intended as a publicity stunt: Heene wanted to start up a reality show, which was pitched to the TLC cable channel. According to Robert Thomas (see below) this was to be MythBusters-meets-mad-scientist.

He turned himself in today (Nov. 12, 2009); he faces up to 90 days in jail for his stunt.

UPDATE: On November 13th Heene and wife Mayumi put in guilty pleas. They're not expected to get much time in jail. The main reason for the plea-bargain was to keep Mayumi from being deported.

More update (Nov. 14, 2009): In this Gawker interview from the Saturday after Heene's balloon went up, Robert Thomas explained how he and Heene had been planning a balloon publicity stunt to garner more attention. He became aware of Heene via his 6-part YouTube series called "Psyence Detectives".

Heene's "Psyence Detectives" website is apparently down. I bet the Illuminati did it to silence him!

Even more update (Nov. 14, 2009): Heene was trying to raise money to build himself a shelter to protect himself from the explosion of the sun in 2012. Apparently he doesn't realize that an exploding sun would destroy Earth and him with it; but the sun doesn't have enough mass to explode--it'll burn all its hydrogen in a few billion years, then start fusing the helium it's been making from hydrogen all this time, expanding into a red giant. Earth will be a cinder then. Heene and the other 2012'ers are a few billion years too soon.

Other stuff he believes:
--The "doomsday" Svalbard Global Seed Vault partially funded by Bill Gates and the Rockefellers: they know something big is going to happen (but...if the sun explodes, Earth will be a cinder, and the seeds will be, too).

--He says there are more than 800 "concentration camps" in the US. I wonder if he listens to Chuck Baldwin?

--He worries about an imagined currency--the "Amero"--that will bring the economies of the US, Mexico and Canada together. Why would anyone do that unless the world was gonna end?

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