Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Wild" Bill Donohue--Biography

Wild Bill likes to get wrought-up about stuff. He's the Catholic version of Glenn Beck! If there's something he can have hysterics over, and rattle and rail against, Wild Bill is on it.

So who is this kook, this leader of men at the Catholic League? Well, he was born in New York City, got a Doctorate in Sociology (New York University), and is divorced with two--wait, WHAT?! Divorced?!

He clutches his pearls and fans himself over gay marriage [source: Tips-Q] and how it'll destroy the family and all that, but couldn't keep one together himself?

If only there were a word in English to express the concept of "do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do."

So anyway, Wild Bill is vocal--well, maybe "shrill" is a better word--in his opposition to all kinds of evil stuff, such as the ACLU, abortion, gay marriage, the yearly "War on Xmas" and pretty much everything it's trendy for conservatives to screech about. He whined about Kevin Smith's "Dogma," but couldn't suck up enough to Mel "Sugartits" Gibson over "The Passion of the Christ."

Predictably, he spins the rape and molestation of little kids by Catholic clergy into an anti-gay (rather than anti-pedophile) harrangue.

This kind of kook isn't dangerous like the anti-vaxxers; indeed, Wild Bill is what we at Kook Clearinghouse call a "Popcorn kook"--break out the kettlecorn and watch him dance!

[Updated Nov. 30, 2009--added the picture; my first PhotoShop face-swap!]

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