Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pat Dollard...Ed Brayton's pet kook

Grab your popcorn, folks, this one's fun!

Over at Ed Brayton's "Dispatches from the Culture Wars" blog, there's a little kook trotting around, trying to make himself seem big and scary!

I'm jealous. I don't have a pet kook.

October 17: Brayton posts about a YouTube flick mocking iPhone apps and wingnuts in Congress. Pat, that tower of intellect, that POWERhouse of rhetoric, brought it: "Fuck you."

October 20: Brayton has noticed Pat. He mocks a mock church bulletin.

October 20: Pat whines about his mistreatment in a Political Byline post. Warning: Coultergeist greets you as a banner ad. He says he doesn't feel he has to explain himself...then explains himself at length, adding rants on abortion, gays, them evil Soshullist Libruls, his religious beliefs, and a few pounds of bible quotes to add weight to his non-self-explanatory self-explanation. He also responds in Ed's comments, calling him a stalker (comment #25) and then offering us comic GOLD with #56:

[snip long-ass hit-count listing for]
So, there. Suck it Libtards. and Don't bother leaving comments on my blog. Because I am not approving them, at all.


Because I do not *HAVE* to, that's why.

Well, DARN.

October 21: Ed has gone from merely noticing to being amused by this charming new kook of his. He mocks better than I do. He notes that Dullard put up a new post...but apparently it was too good for the Interwebs: Patty took it down. Here's a taste:

I have been sitting here all evening, thinking about this little dust up between Ed Brayton and myself. The last time someone made the fetal mistake of veering into my "Scope" if you will. They got "The Treatment" from me. Anytime someone has ever done anything that I felt was wrong. I did this to them; I did it to someone who decided that it would be cool to write an article that said, "F**** The Troops", I did it to a well-known Conservative Commentator, who did something that I felt was objectionable. Luckily for her, it was an old address.

Fetal mistake? That's a freaking brilliant Freudian slip given the obvious immaturity on display.

I figure if Ed Brayton does not have a problem insulting Christians, Conservatives and those who disagree with his views, then he should not have a problem with someone calling his house to challenge him on his views or even possibly coming to his house to challenge him face to face. Not that I would encourage such behavior, but if it happened, I would not shed a tear.

So, here's Ed's Address and Telephone Number and a nice aerial shot of his house...:

Wrong house, though. Dullard begs for help via Twitter!

November 8: Pat weighs in on the Fort Hood shooter, claiming (Nobel Peace Prize Winner) President Obama sent the shooter in on a mission to kill people.

Note how Dullard--sorry, Dollard--calls Obama "amabO." Oooh. Creative.

November 10: Wonkette weighs in on Dullar--dammit, Dollard! I just can't get it right! Anyway, Dullard goes off via Twitter on Congressman Anh Cao of Louisiana, a Republican who voted in favor of the House version of the Health Care Reform bill, calling him a "fucking gook" and "Some of us, have not forgotten what happened on Dec 7, 1941 either!". Wonkette runs some of the Twitter traffic; Dullard is mocked in the comments, and this tidbit about him is brought up:

Pat’s personal profile from his web site:
Martial Status: Single, Never Married.

Children: None

Age: 37 (Older than dirt)

Born and Raised: Southwest Detroit, Michigan. (lived there till 1989.)

Location: In the Suburbs of Detroit, Michigan AKA Liberal-Land USA.

How long I’ve been Blogging: Officially since February of 2006

Loves and Hates:


Classic Rock
Blues Rock
Long haired and Skinny Women
Beautiful Women
Traditional Values
American Made Products
American History
Anything from the 1940’s
Traditional Christianity (Although Orthodoxy is a bit stiff for me…)
Kind people
Down to earth people; especially women
Intelligent Conversation
People that are Unique and Intriguing

Pop Music
Short Haired Women
Fat Women
Far Lefty Liberals AKA Communists (Same Difference)
Liberal Christianity
Rich Warren and his Purpose Driven Life CRAP!
Selfish people
Snobbish people
Rich people who love thier money more than others
Paying Taxes
Paying Bills
Having A.D.H.D.
Being Overweight
Getting Older (It Sucks!)

Heh. Here's Ed's take on it. Dullard has made his Twitter feed PRIVATE now.

November 12: Brayton makes Dullard--sorry, Dollard--the subject of his running series, "Dumbass Quote of the Day".

November 13: ...and another Dumbass Quote of the Day for Dullard!

How does one get a pet kook?

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