Saturday, October 31, 2009

Religidiots List

Last Update: Nov. 8, 2009

(Note: As each of the longer entries gets a post of its own, the list will become just a list of names and organizations)

Anderson, Steven: Preacher who prays for Obama's death
Bachmann, Michele: Politician--Congress, R-MN

Baldwin, Chuck ("preacher"; failed presidential contender; dominionist)--buys into the "Obama internment camps" crap. Source: Renew America--his article, "Why are internment camps being built?" He dishonestly claimed on his massive church sign that a man was "thrown in jail for praying"--but the truth of it is that the man was part of the Santa Rosa County (Florida--go figure, huh?) school system and was ignoring a judge's instruction to stop leading students in prayer. There's plenty of crazy at that site in the link--shut off your irony meters, grab your tinfoil hats, and put down your drink--you don't want to snarf on your keyboard.

Boone, Pat: "musician"
Bozell, Brent L. III: Media Research Center; Catholic League
Braughton, Christopher: brought gun town hall meeting; member Anderson's church
Bryant, Anita: "actor"; anti-gay
Bush, George H.W.: failed president
Bush, George W.: failed president; war criminal
Cameron, Kirk: Actor; creationist; thinks banana proof of god
Cass, Gary: Christian Anti-Defamation Commission
Comfort, Ray: creationist; pals with Cameron, Kirk
Corgan, Billy: Singer, Smashing Pumpkins; anti-vaxxer

Daniels, Kimberly ("preacher"); she wrote a column for Pat Robertson's CBC (10/29/2009) warning of demon-possessed Halloween candy. Source: Americans United for Separation of Church & State. Likes to travel around from speaking engagement to speaking engagement in a big-ass bus called the "Demon Buster." Thinks all that stuff is real.

Donohue, Bill: Mouthpiece--Catholic League
Dunbar, Cynthia: Politician--TX; rabid creationist; wants to demolish Texas school system
Falwell, Jerry: Preacher (deceased)
Frist, Bill: Quack; Retired politician
Gibson, Mel: Actor
Hatch, Orrin: Politician
Hovind, Eric: Preacher
Hovind, Kent: Preacher; Dinosaur Adventure Land
Keyes, Allen (Alan?): Failed politician
Moore, Roy: Failed judge; ten commandments douche
Norris, Chuck: "actor"; wild-eyed fundie
Palin, Sarah: failed VP candidate
Pratt, Heidi: Famous for being famous
Prejean, Carrie: failed beauty queen

Robertson, Pat ("preacher"; failed presidential contender)--there are many. Most recently (10/29/09), he screeched about President Obama signing into law hate-crimes legislation to protect the GLBT community from people like Robertson--because he and his buddies should be able to freely beat up gays and trannies!

Santorum, Rick: Failed politician; name is now synonymous with byproduct of anal sex.

Sheppard, Sherrie (of "The View")--she doesn't know that the Earth is round--"never thought about it":

...and claims that Jesus is older than anything else.

Fortunately, all it takes is a caveman:

Stein, Ben: Mouthpiece
Terry, Randall: Terrorist; rabidly anti-abortion
Wildmon, Donald: Mouthpiece

American Family Association
Operation Rescue--anti-abortion
Catholic League--Bill Donohoue
Parents' Television Council--Brent Bozell
Westboro Baptist Church--Fred Phelps
Islamic Thinkers Society of New York, The--Fundie Muslims; death to America
Christian Anti-Defamation Commission--Gary Cass
Dinosaur Creation Land--Hovind

"News" Outlets:
Christian Broadcast Corp--Pat Robertson
One News Now
Newsbusters--Brent Bozell
CNS News--Brent Bozell (right-wing 'news')
Media Research Center--Brent Bozell; parent of CNS News

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