Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lotsa Kooks.

So far, I've got 413 kooks and kook organizations in a spreadsheet index, with 12 classifications.

And all I did today was Photoshop my first face-swap: Wild Bill Donohue has a portrait now!

How in the hell do the pro-bloggers find time to do it all?




  2. you are going to learn about the HARD FACTS OF LIFE, you babbling little fool...

  3. Oh, look! It's Denny Davey Mabus Markuze!

    At the link above, he posted the SAME DAMN THING he posted twice in alt.atheism (see the Mabus post).

    This is what Skippy the Skeptic was talking about--utterly unoriginal, repetitive, dull.

    Then, he follows with an empty threat. *yawn*

    BTW, Kook: you're currently Kook #255 out of 437. Strictly middle of the road, son.

  4. ROFL! Mabus' real name is Dennis Markuze, and he lives in Montreal, QC.

    This may or may not be his Facebook:

  5. It's a shame he's such a boring little sod--I do want a pet kook like Ed Brayton has (Pat Dollard), but Mabus isn't even up to the Dollard standard.

    HAH! According to the link, he has FRIENDS. That can't be right. =D