Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Link Dump: Dominionism

Dominionists: Religious group seeking to take over government & replace with theocracy. This ideology calls on anointed “Christian” leaders to take over the state and make the goals and laws of the nation “biblical.” Merges with Koch "libertarianism", "The Family", and the beliefs of the far-right John Birch Society.

These people are so batshit that Jerry "Moral Majority" Falwell thought they were scary; they like to call themselves "calvinists"

(Sorry the links aren't "live"--this is a copy & paste from a text file)


Prosperity Theology: part of the dominionist attitude. Very common in televangelists and "megachurch" preachers.
--the notion of "I'm rich, gawd must luuurve me, therefore I'm better than you and deserve to rule."
--the poor are poor because they lack faith, aren't working hard enough, lack character, or somesuch: it's all their fault.


DogEmperor posts (years worth of scary dominionist research)

--part 1 of the "parallel economy" series

--part 2 of a Kos series about them TONS of "holy shit!" links to harvest:

--Amway: largest corporate funder of dominionism (see above link)
----possibly started the "satanic" crap about Proctor & Gamble in the 70s
----linked to neopentecostals who use the company as a religious recruiter
----if you don't buy their stuff, you're a spawn of satan, oppressing the salesman
----linked to john ashcroft
----linked to Erik Prince, owner of Blackwater mercenaries (Xe)--sister Betsy Davos is wife of Amway co-founder Richard Davos

--Pt. 3, dominionism at the doctor's office

--Pt. 4, dominionist social services

--Pt. 5, dominionist broadcast history

--Pt. 6, dominionist broadcasting

--Pt. 7, dominionist radio

--Pt. 8, scofield reference bible

--Pt. 9, dominionist bible translations

--Pt. 10, "joel's army" reference bible, 1

--Pt. 11, the "joel's army" reference bible, 2


Prominent organizations & companies:
Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly)
Focus on the Family/James Dobson (Dominionist child-beater); PMRC was a front for FotF, who recruited through PMRC newsletters
Mike & Debi Pearl (Dominionist child-beaters/beating advocates)
Bob Larson and his "bible boot camp" Back In Control Training Center
Ken Hutcherson of Joel's Army and its hate group "Watchmen at the Walls"
PMRC (Tipper Gore's music-censorship project in the '80s-90s)
Hobby Lobby
Chalcedon Foundation
Quiverful movement

Prominent people:
R. J. Rushdoony (says christians and democracy are enemies)
Gary North (his son-in-law; proponent of stoning as execution)
Dave Brat (teabagger who beat Cantor in VA gopper primary, 2014)
Phyllis Schlafly
James Dobson
Mike & Debi Pearl [ http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/To_Train_Up_a_Child ]
Bob Larson
Ken Hutcherson
Tipper Gore (PMRC co-founder)
Susan Baker (PMRC co-founder)
Rafael Cruz (preacher, father of sen Ted Cruz)
Ted Cruz
Sarah Palin?
Michele Bachmann--fmr. congress
Chuck Baldwin--fmr preacher in Pensacola; moved out west in 2014 or so
David Barton
Rick Warren
Paul Weyrich--co-founder of moral majority with Falwell
James Dobson
Robert Schenck (imprecatory prayer; preacher)
David perdue (senator, imprecatory prayer against Obama in Jun. 2016)
Michael Peroutka
Tim LaHaye ("Left Behind")
Steve Deace [has wingnut radio show in Iowa]
Leininger, [need first name; associ. w/TPPF in TX)  http://www.texasobserver.org/924-saint-sickbed/
Lee Duigon, who says that atheist activists are his enemy


Focus on the Family's Dobson runs a "7 mountains" Dominionism grift dedicated to dominating 7 "peaks" or spheres of our society; controlling this is their key to gaining control of the country and establishing their "dominion"--i.e., theocracy

the 7 "mountains:"

Monday, July 25, 2016

Scump is a fascist figurehead, scumppence is a Dominionist

 There's a sizable link dump at Reddit:
A final response to the "Tell me why Trump is a fascist"

Very long list, stretching back over the last year of his campaign, all the stuff he says he's going to do (round up all the illegals, ban Muslims, restart torture, gut the First Amendment to make it easier for him to destroy people who mock him, end separation of church and state)...a very long list. Saves me from doing my own link dump--and more comprehensive than my stuff anyway.

One commenter notes that Noam Chomsky doesn't think he's a fascist "because he doesn't have any ideological commitment or consistency"--and that's a good point, but there's also this: it doesn't matter, because WAY too many of his supporters--the neo-nazis, the white supremacists, the teabaggers, the Dominionists, all of the dedicated far-right scary people--have those things in spades, and they've been working at their fascism for decades.

Sc ump's their key to legitimacy; once he's in office, he's made it plain that he's just going to do the fun parts of the presidency. He will give fundamentalist/dominionist-friendly Mike Pence (hereafter named "scumppence") the keys to power, instead.

scumppence is associated with James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Dobson runs the National Day of Prayer and Pence was--as recently as 2010--one of several members of Congress on the NDP "Board of Reference". Scump's bad enough on his own--but letting Dominionist fundies into the Presidency would be a disaster. Their avowed goal is to take over the state and impose "biblical" law.

The more extreme ones, like Gary North, want stoning as a method of execution for homosexuality, adultery, all the old favorites. Mike and Debi Pearl (of whom the litter-bearing Duggers are huge fans) advocate beating the shit out of your kids--can't "spare the rod," you know. These are people who have been using imprecatory prayer to try to kill President Obama as recently as last month [June 2016] and as far back as June, 2009.

For that last, some of them weasel the prayer as meaning "let his days in office be few"...but that's only to give themselves deniability for their evil shit. The full text of Psalm 109 is:

8. Let his days be few; and let another take his office.
9. Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.
10. Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg: let them seek their bread also out of their desolate places.
11. Let the extortioner catch all that he hath; and let the strangers spoil his labour.
12. Let there be none to extend mercy unto him: neither let there be any to favour his fatherless children.
13. Let his posterity be cut off; and in the generation following let their name be blotted out.

Fortunately...nothing fails like prayer. But there are plenty of deranged fundy assholes who would take it upon themselves to act, since their imaginary friend in the sky isn't listening or acting on their wishes. It's frankly amazing that none of them has been successful so far--but it's pretty messed up that a sitting senator's doing it in public where there are microphones and cameras, let alone that there's been an entire industry devoted to assholes who want Obama dead.
These fundy assholes need to be kept out of our government at all levels, let alone the Presidency itself.

That's on top of the links between Trump and Russia that are coming to light.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Ah, a new republican scumbag to make fun of, one even more thin-skinned and lacking in self-awareness than ol' MittBot in 2012.

This new guy's much worse in every way, from his obviously-expensive yet cheap-looking cheddar-toned spray tan to his ill-fitting pricey-but-cheap-looking $7,000 suits to that ridiculous hairspray-reinforced hair-DON'T! on his coconut.

As per our policy, he gets a nickname; his own name will only be grudgingly spelled out at need, and always lower-case. Good gods, this creature has amassed a collection of them:

the hair fuehrer
the cheddar peril
cheddar menace
combover napoleon
The Conald
conald scump
der hairkoenig
scumpty dumpty

his followers:
--dogs (specifically republican office-holers, etc., who swore up and down that they'd never endorse him, but who immediately fell to heel and rolled on their backs for this imagined strong man, like submissive fucking dogs)

We hesitate to write about the narcissistic bastard, not only because of his legendary "threaten to sue the hell out of anyone who pricks his thin skin" reputation, but because doing so feeds that same narcissism. His already obese ego feeds off of ALL attention. But it is our nature to mock fascist shitbiscuits.

Our favorite toy for mocking him can be found at Little Green Footballs, where Charles Johnson set up a page that lets you fill in your own scump slogan and either save it to your computer or send it out to Twitter:


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Beard Makes the Terrorist.

Scumbag and imbecile Brian Kilmeade says that the father of former prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl "looks like the Taliban" because of the beard he grew after Bergdahl was kidnapped.

He refused to remove the beard until his son came home.

So the BEARD makes the TERRORIST, right?

When will Kilmeade and his fellow morons be calling for the arrest and Gitmoization of these obvious Taliban members?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Announcing the Operation American Spring Commemorative Plate!

$3.99 each at K-Mart.

It'll look awesome next to your George Bush Flightsuit Commemorative Codpiece plate!
Comes in 4 colors:

White, for the pasty pale faces who showed up.
Black, for the non-white folks who didn't.
Green, for the liberals who laughed themselves sick at the whole thing.
Red, for the faces of the "patriots" who made excuses.

Sorry, not available in coward yellow for the Internet tough guys who talked shit and didn't do shit.

Most importantly, they're blank...because nothing happened.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Operation American Spring--DAY 3: ..oh, nevermind.

See DAY 2.

Now the rationalizations begin:

Shout out to all who made Operation American Spring happen. Small or large turnout, you reflect the large heart of America. #OAS #ABeginning
@TalkRadioNews wasn't dozens u rat teeth bastards, u u sewerheads! 32M didn't show up in Egypt Day 1 #americanspring

"It doesn't matter that we predicted a huge turnout and ended up with almost no turnout."

Second place is first loser.

Still some true believers who think things are happening:

clydetheslyde ‏@clydetheslyde 6h
I wager $100 to any #TeaParty member that the MSM will not broadcast today's arrest of President Obama by #OperationAmericanSpring

Really? Arrest? Was that scheduled for Day 3?

When you've lost Tea Party Cat and LOLGOP, you're no fun anymore.


"@MatManz: Operation American Spring has all the strength in numbers of a Republican minority outreach event." 


Saturday, May 17, 2014


It is a dark time for the Republic. Although the NSA drone program has been destroyed, OAS troops have driven the Black President from his hidden base and pursued him across the city.

Evading the dreaded Hoveround Fleet, a group of freedom fighters led by General "Handsome" Joe Biden have established a new secret base in the Air and Space Museum.

The evil lord Darrel Issa, obsessed with finding Handsome Joe, has dispatched thousands of Teabillies into the far reaches of Washington, D.C. ....

Poor, poor two-term very popular Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Barack H. Obama. All he did was save General Motors, kill Osama bin Laden, get millions of people affordable health insurance, increase infrastructure spending, make a deal with Swiss banks to gain access to the records of tax cheats and criminals, establish the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, sign an improved food safety law, helped kill "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, expand funding for the Violence Against Women act, reverse his predecessor's horrendous torture policies, try to close the Gitmo prison (only to be stopped by Republicans and some turncoat Democrats), work to improve relations with Iran's government and encourage them to stop their nuke program, bring the troops home from Iraq, ban gifts to the Executive Branch from lobbyists, piss off every whiny Republican by being a badass and not getting into scandals (which they find scandalous!), everything else on this list here, and probably some other stuff since then.

Also, he pisses Republicans off just by being the Black Guy in the White House. They hate that soooo very much, they cry the purest, sweetest, tears of impotent rage. That shit tastes awesome with a twist of lemon.

And now...the raging horde of Operation American Spring has run President Obama out of town for the second time in a week. Ejected yet again from the White House, the poor guy has holed up in Gainesville, Virginia, at an elite invitation-only golf course instead of his regular digs on the links at Edwards Air Force Base or Fort Belvoir.

Man can't catch a break, but that's the revolution.

So, this was the second day of "Operation American Spring," which was billed as an enormous influx of millions of furious racist assholes, ignorant Teabaggers, conspiracy whackos, fundie screechers, demagoguing wingnuts, and seditious militiamen, all with Rambo complexes and daddy issues PATRIOTS!!! coming to overthrow the evil gummint they depend on for everything in their day-to-day lives.

Basically, it's been the "Made In China" Family Dollar store brand version of Occupy Wall Street with online circle-jerks instead of drum circles.

The OAS goobers have shifted from cheerleading their so-called revolution to making excuses for it, blaming Friday's early-morning rains, blaming the government for "hacking" their Twitter hashtag (bwahahahahaha!!), claiming that the whole thing had been a "false flag" operation set up by that EVIL!!!! Obama to make them look stupid, claiming that those of us mocking them were all government shills, bought and paid for.

Some of the devout took it really hard, making death threats and such when prodded.

One of the best excuses? "Us conservative folks have JOBS and can't just take the day off!" Really? You want to overthrow the government, but can't take vacation time for it?

I think I get it. Instead of that enormous influx of millions all at once, they're gonna do it a few at a time. Guerilla-style infiltration. By the end of the year, several million of them will have been to D.C.! Uh, guys? You kind of have to be there all at once, or you're just pissy, low-tipping asshole tourists, and D.C. deals with them all year round. Smithsonian's nice this time of year.

The #OperationAmericanSpring hashtag wasn't nearly as hot on Day 2. I didn't lurk on it for more than a couple of hours, myself.

...some Twitter feed:

12:50p (I slept in) [much less traffic in the #OAS thread today]

Republican Swine ?@RepublicanSwine 1h
#OperationAmericanSpring You're winded talking into a Microphone but you think you'll win a Fire-Fight with Govt.


Top Conservative Cat @TeaPartyCat
#OperationAmericanSpring demands:
12. No gay kissing on ESPN.
13. No garnishing wages for child support.

Rest here:

Joy Reid ?@JoyAnnReid 18h
Wow... #tcot is awfully quiet about #OperationAmericanSpring ... where be the patriots and Breitbart's ghost avis?

Bearded Stoner ?@beardedstoner 23h
Hard to buy your claim that liberty is dying as you freely assemble in the name of insurrection.


Trill, Baby, Trill ?@eclecticbrotha 23h
I feel for all the spouses, girlfriends and children who'll be abused tonight by the humiliated attendees of

Shoq ?@Shoq May 16
#OperationAmericanSpring was a false flag by the Obama administration to distract from the Benghazi scandal. It worked!

maria lia calvo ?@MariaLiaCalvo May 16
how did these people get to DC? via the highways maintained by the federal government they want to overthrow?


Shoq ?@Shoq May 16
"I Went To #OperationAmericanSpring And All I Found Was This Crappy Hashtag."

Matty Ice ?@MattyIceAZ May 16
Look, give #OperationAmericanSpring a break. Moving from Cliven Bundy's ranch to DC takes some time in old pick up trucks.

Imani ABL ?@AngryBlackLady May 16
"we smoke meth together." RT @wirecan: 'We stand together, we hang together.' #OperationAmericanSpring #Benghazi


Robbie Sherwood ?@RobbieSherwood May 16
#OperationAmericanSpring, or as America will remember it, "Friday."

F--- Tea Terrorists ?@ProgressiveYoda May 16
The first live image of #OperationAmericanSpring is in... and DC area Walmart declares record white sale @KC52inNC


Gen JC Xtian patriot ?@JC_Christian May 16
We'll return to ousting the OBAMUNIST USURPER and changing America forever once the rain has stopped


A 99er ?@HelpThe99ers May 16
Attention #OperationAmericanSpring: today's meeting, "Irons or Woods: Can Agenda 21 Lower Your Handicap?" has been moved to the Ballroom

A 99er ?@HelpThe99ers May 16
Attention, #OperationAmericanSpring: the 9:00 AM seminar, "FEMA Vans, UPS Vans - Know The Difference" has been moved indoors due to weather.

Jeff Fecke ?@jkfecke May 16
The folks behind #OperationAmericanSpring would like to note that there are over 300 million Americans occupying America. #murica

Gen JC Xtian patriot ?@JC_Christian May 16
It may look like there are less than a dozen of us, but that's because thev2 million others are wearing camo


Oliver Willis ?@owillis May 16
did obama resign yet? #OperationAmericanSpring

Very Serious People™ ?@TheXclass May 16
The flabby militia has arrived from Nevada to take their country back. #OperationAmericanSpring


pizzmoe ?@pizzmoe May 16
Stars, Stripes, Beer Guts, Oh,My! #OperationAmericanSpring

pizzmoe ?@pizzmoe May 16
There will be a lot of Morans.#OperationAmericanSpring #americanspring

Chuck Nellis ?@ChuckNellis May 15
I'm praying for peace & success! :) * #OperationAmericanSpring to hit D.C. to oust Obama, Biden, Boehner, Holder.


[ah, wishful thinking...]

Jeff Fecke ?@jkfecke May 15
I'm sure 30 million people will show up for #operationamericanspring. Wait, sorry - 30. 30 people.

Nacho Libtard ?@reedequalswin May 15
Pig Pen, this here's Rubber Duck, looks like we got ourselves a god damned convoy! #OperationAmericanSpring #teatards


Gadsden Flag Snake ?@GadsdenSnake May 14
Because the problem isn't the oligarchy of billionaires - It's the black guy who wants us to get health care...


Nacho Libtard ?@reedequalswin May 14
Gearing up for #OperationAmericanSpring! they'll never see us coming as we've kept it on the downlow of the interwebs


Danger ?@GunGrabCzar May 14
#OperationAmericanSpring has a right to do whatever it is that they're going to do. Just like everyone else has a right to mock them.

Support And Defend ?@SupportAnDefend May 12
Walk the Talk #OperationAmericanSpring pic.twitter.com/iKf0Mqucse

reasons why to join the voices and stop the tyranny against We the People #OperationAmericanSpring

pic.twitter.com/ujFqWorcML #PJNET

Cause of Liberty † ?@CauseOfLiberty May 11
Follow Iceland with the Iceland Solution & #AbolishTheFederalReserve -------> http://www.AbolishTheFederalReserve.com 


We Hate America ?@WeHateAmerica_ May 11
Good morning Patriots! & to you DOUCHEBAGS at #NSA Monitor THIS! Sincerely #WeThePeople #OperationAmericanSpring


GySgt. Chip Webber ?@yankepatriot May 11


riteprices ?@riteprices May 11
#OperationAmericanSpring #OAS2014 http://ln.is/oas2014.com/UpBqG … U coming to DC May16th, 2014? If so, see you there,

If not, Why not?
[29,999,900 people have some explaining to do...]