Thursday, December 24, 2009

Because Nothing Fails Like Prayer...

There's a wingnut--Janet Porter--over at WingNutDaily who says opponents of the health-care legislation that recently passed the Senate should pray and fast to convince the Sky-Buddy that they're serious in their opposition.

Sky-Buddy is then expected to make the legislation stop, the same way he made Democrats miss the voting sessi...oh, wait, he didn't. See, last week one of the Goposaurs--Senator Tom "C-Street" Coburn asked fellow Goposaurs to pray that someone would miss the upcoming vote. Some teabaggin' morons prayed that Democrat Byrd would die (there's that christer love from the right-wingers).

ALL the Dems showed up. Goposaur Senator James Mountain Inhofe missed it. Ten pounds of FAIL in a 5-pound bag.

Remember when the Goposaurs (in the form of Dobson over at Focus on the Family) called for prayers that there would be bad rains at Obama's 2008 nomination acceptance speech in Denver? Hurricane Gustav gave them a few headaches. Things didn't go as planned.

So Wingnut Janet Porter wants anti-health-care people to use their "secret weapon." Prayer. Prayer and FASTING.

Prayer doesn't seem to be working out for the Wingnuts lately. If they starve themselves long enough, they'll become a burden on the health-care system.

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