Sunday, May 18, 2014

Operation American Spring--DAY 3: ..oh, nevermind.

See DAY 2.

Now the rationalizations begin:

Shout out to all who made Operation American Spring happen. Small or large turnout, you reflect the large heart of America. #OAS #ABeginning
@TalkRadioNews wasn't dozens u rat teeth bastards, u u sewerheads! 32M didn't show up in Egypt Day 1 #americanspring

"It doesn't matter that we predicted a huge turnout and ended up with almost no turnout."

Second place is first loser.

Still some true believers who think things are happening:

clydetheslyde ‏@clydetheslyde 6h
I wager $100 to any #TeaParty member that the MSM will not broadcast today's arrest of President Obama by #OperationAmericanSpring

Really? Arrest? Was that scheduled for Day 3?

When you've lost Tea Party Cat and LOLGOP, you're no fun anymore.


"@MatManz: Operation American Spring has all the strength in numbers of a Republican minority outreach event." 


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