Friday, May 16, 2014

Fun With Kooks: Operation American Spring

Today was the first day of the Grate Redneckistan Take Are Kountree Back!! thing, where hordes of Teabillies from across the country were going to descend upon Washington, D.C. and make Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Barack Obama step down!

It promised to be really really BIG, 10 to 30 million strong.

They did get the 10, maybe even a few hundred, but the other few million apparently had home chores, medical appointments, or other suddenly-remembered things to do at the last minute ("Well, Earl's got a van that's big enough to carry Art's Hoverround, but his wife's got him goin' to Lowes tomorrow to pick up some pottin' soil, and if Earl can't go, none of us can 'cos we ain't leavin' Art.")

I wonder if they knew Mr. Obama wasn't in town? He went to New York a few days ago.

I don't know who showed up, yet. I blew my entire afternoon watching the Twitters. No time for the blogs or news sites.

Twitter was a lot of fun! The #OperationAmericanSpring hashtag blew up. Here's a selection:

Shoq, via Twitter, at noon:
"I Went To #OperationAmericanSpring And All I Found Was This Crappy Hashtag."

Gen JC Xtian, 8am
Gen JC Xtian patriot ‏@JC_Christian
We'll return to ousting the OBAMUNIST USURPER and changing America forever once the rain has stopped #operationamericanspring

Gen JC Xtian patriot ‏@JC_Christian 7h
It may look like there are less than a dozen of us, but that's because thev2 million others are wearing camo #operationamericanspring

Debra Lynn Lazar ‏@debralynnlazar 6m
@Miller89918204 Not sure what there is to report other than "Millions Missing from Operation American Spring." #OperationAmericanSpring

 Daniel Modell ‏@dMnyc 8m
It turns out we were using the wrong hashtag! It's not #OperationAmericanSpring, it's #OperationMericanSpring. That's why no one showed up.

Buddy Goodman ‏@6buy9 17m
I just heard a guy say "if it hadn't been for Stormfront, I wouldn't have even heard about this" HAHAHAHA #OperationAmericanSpring

DickinsonForCongress ‏@VoteMike2014 22m
The @USPS runs in rain, sleet, and snow. Apparently, just need a little rain to keep #OperationAmericanSpring from happening

2 pm
Jody White @FortGeek 40m
Has Obama surrendered yet? "Bones" reruns haven't been interrupted...

Jody White @FortGeek 20m
#OperationAmericanSpring "Come And Take It!"  Looks like someone come and took it.

Jody White @FortGeek 4m
Did they know Obama wouldn't be there? Went to NYC 5/14, for 9/11 Memorial. Is he even back yet?

Jody White @FortGeek 1m
How many Hoverrounds fit in a tour bus? Asking for a friend. #OperationAmericanSpring

Jody White @FortGeek 2m
#OperationAmericanSpring Reports of lots of empty Invisible Obama showed up? Where's Clint Eastwood?

Jody White @FortGeek 9s
#OperationAmericanSpring We shouldn't mock them for hiding from the rain, folks. Mobility scooters don't like mud and rain.

Jody White @FortGeek 2m
Huh. Just noticed the FEMA camp across from my house was suddenly full. Must be from #OperationAmericanSpring

Jody White @FortGeek 2m
ATTENTION all #OperationAmericanSpring participants: The guy next to you is an NSA plant.

Jody White @FortGeek 4m
#OperationAmericanSpring (Marching on the White House) "Which one is it? Dammit, Earl, these buildin's is ALL WHITE!"

some complaints from baggers that their hashtag was "hacked"...hahahaha

Free Republic calls "false flag"

Carter Hall ‏@CarterHall_ 32m

#operationamericanspring organizers say God supports their efforts but then blame rain for lack of turnout.

Max P0W3R ‏@Max_P0VV3R 37m
Not surprised by the number of trolls paid for with American tax dollars. Obama had MONTHS 2 assemble a troll list. #OperationAmericanSpring

Cheryl ‏@HoldingOn2Stars 40m
Just wondering: If #OperationAmericanSpring is such a failure, why is it at the top of the Trending list?

[could be because of the number of people making fun of you?]

Carter Hall ‏@CarterHall_ 14m

Remember when a mob of angry white people could run a black family out of town? #operationamericanspring

Caleb R. Reeves ‏@killakief101 30m

The liberal tolerance of #OperationAmericanSpring is heartwarming #DoubleStandards

John Andrew Adams ‏@johnadams73171 33m

#OperationAmericanSpring I am amazed how so many of u claimto be tolerant but....well, thats an outright lie.

[who said we'd be "tolerant" of stupidity and hate?]

 michael ‏@michaelmark12 42m

#OperationAmericanSpring STING created by NSA CIA FBI to weed out Traitors & have them arrested

John Andrew Adams ‏@johnadams73171 45m

#OperationAmericanSpring LMFAO! You paid govt flunkies must be pretty afraid of this. Anytime you spread this much

Jody White @FortGeek 2m
#OperationAmericanSpring organizers watched end of "Princess Bride" and thought, THEY deposed the King with only 3 can we!!

Max P0W3R ‏@Max_P0VV3R 29m

It's not about the numbers that showed up, it's about the number of eyes opened. #OperationAmericanSpring

[because I'm good enough. I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!]

Yeah, I mostly grabbed my own Twitter posts. Didn't have room for several thousand more.

I've got this mental image, now, of a half-dozen wheezing goobers "marching" somewhere in D.C., headed (they hope) for the White House but lost in a maze of marble.  One of them pauses long enough to huff, "Dammit, Frank, ALL these sumbitchin' buildin's is WHITE!"

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