Saturday, May 15, 2010

War Crimes equal Votes!

No, it's no surprise these clowns are running as Republicans, let alone that they're PROUD of the crimes they committed--and which ended their military careers.

Who cares about something like that when there are VOTES to be garnered? "Look at me, I'm gonna be tough on TERRISTS just like Jack Bauer!"

Jerk the First: Ilario Pantano is running for a seat in North Carolina 7th District, challenging Dem incumbent Mike McIntyre. In April of 2004 Mr. War Hero filled a couple of unarmed prisoners with 50 to 60 rounds. Fifty to sixty. He reloaded, boom boom. Says it was freaking SELF DEFENSE. Afterward, he put up a sign with the Marines' slogan to warn the locals: "No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy."

Nice. The wingnuts love him. They were his ardent defenders when the Army charged him with premeditated murder. The case against him was dropped in 2005 because (among other things) a witness' testimony couldn't be corroborated.

Meanwhile, Dick is so proud of himself, he's made the incident the core of his Look-At-ME!! book, titled "No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy" (creative, huh?). The wingnuts adore him. I bet Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Malkin grows weak in the knees with desire for him.

Oh, well. At least he's got actual military service, unlike ex-President "Mission Accomplished!" Fratboy.

The good news is that an actual veteran--Will Breazeale, who was Pantano's opponent in the primaries--isn't going to stop hammering home the fact that Joey Pants is kind of a douche.

Clown the Second is Allen West, whom Sarah "Caribou Barbie" Palin thinks is just peachy keen. He's running in Florida's 22nd against Democrat Ron Klein.

West was forced to resign from the Army (Lt. Colonel) & fined $5,000 for his part in a beating harsh interrogation. The man was an Iraqi cop whom West had decided knew something about an upcoming ambush. West's men did the beating asked the questions. West decided things weren't moving quickly enough and fired his gun past the man's head to scare the truth out of him. The wingnuts adore him, too.

No ambush plot was ever uncovered (there were actual investigations by actual investigators), but West probably rationalizes the matter--"I disrupted the plot and saved lots of lives!! I'm Jack Bauer!!!!1!" The wingnuts don't care about such things. He's a freaking HERO.

Yeah. In a similar vein, if I don't pass gas at least once a day, aliens will come down and destroy the world. The only proof that matters is that this has not happened.

West says he sacrificed his military career for the lives of his men. I'd say that if any of them are still serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, they're much safer without this prick in command. Here's hoping that Florida's 22nd District will keep their mildly-Democratic standing.

This little rant is only a summary; there's so much more rant-worthy material at the Daily Beasts' page about the two wingnuts.


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