Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kookistan Freakout over...Oval Office Rug?

Seriously, yes.

My, my, those little short-bus folks on the wingnut fringe never seem to wear their helmets. No, they bump their heads together and find some new thing to scare each other with about the Kenyan Socialist Muslim Nazi anti-Christ black guy in the White House.

Now he's really done it.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Barack Obama has really done it.

He's redecorated the Oval Office. In BEIGE.

Looks nice, really--lightens up the room, the furniture looks comfortable.

But that's not IT--not the criminal act that the idiots in Kookistan are slavering over.

Nope. Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Barack Obama has...misquoted someone on his Presidential Rug. The rug has quotes from Abe Lincoln, both Roosevelts (Ted & Frank), Kennedy, and one from Martin Luther King.

That's the one that's got the Kookistanis wound up.

The MLK quote--"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."--is an Obama favorite; King used it frequently himself, but he was knowingly quoting Theodore Parker, an abolitionist who died in 1860. It could easily be that Obama wasn't aware of the true source of the quote. He's human. *shrug*

But the Kookistanis are in full shriek mode, like the little retards Palin-Americans they are:

God forgive me for thinking this, but Theodore Parker was a white man. Obama would rather the quote was from Martin Luther King, and he has demonstrated often enough that if you repeat a falsehood over and over, people will believe it.

RebeccaH on September 5, 2010 at 1:22 PM

Amazing how there's no irony in Kookistan, where falsehoods get repeated over and over, such as the birth certificate thing, the Kenyan thing, the Socialist thing, the Nazi thing.

Remaining true to form, once again Obama fails to get it right. According to the “peter principle” our fearless leader gained his level of incompetence upon his birth.

Wills on September 5, 2010 at 7:10 AM

Obama's "incompetent"? Heckuva job, Wills. Mission Accomplished.

Then there's this full-on meltdown:

If I was POTUS, instead of FDR and Kennedy, I would have quotes from Thomas Jefferson(Obamalinsky really hates him)George Washington, John Adams, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and GWB. I would also run an anti-Communist cleansing of the government that would make Sen. Joe McCarthy look like a Boy Scout.

Let’s just say my administration would be 180 degrees from Comrade Obamalinsky’s. An American for America in other words.

adamsmith on September 5, 2010 at 1:00 PM

"Obamalinsky." Weak.

There really needs to be an enforced helmet law in Kookistan. Sooner or later one of the the little darlings is gonna hurt himself.

Meanwhile, over at Daily Kos, one diarist looks at all the fuss, both from the Washington Post's Op-Ed writer and the waterhead wingnuts and calls 'em out:
If those exact words had been attributed to Mr. Theodore Parker, that would have been a mistake, because Mr. Parker never said them. King on the other hand did say them, on many, many occasions.

So, we have two levels of FAIL for Ms. Stiehm. She alleges that the quote is falsely attributed to Dr. King. She is wrong. Martin Luther King is the correct source for the words as they appear on the Oval Office rug. But even if she were correct that the quote was falsely attributed to King, her allegation that the "rug got it wrong" also fails, given that the rug itself does not attribute the quote to anyone.

Even long before the Kookistanis get on the soup-can-and-string network and spread the word about this new evil in the White House?

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