Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Teabagger Intellectual.

This is Dale.

Dale's a Teabagger.

He's what passes for an intellectual amongst his sort: he's obviously put quite a bit of thought into his sign. Such things are complicated, what with the need for eye-catching composition, the need to stay within the lines when coloring...

Love the Texas flag shirt. That just adds the right touch. Stay classy, son.

So who is the goofball who can't spell America's most frightening word? He's Dale Robertson, who used to run teaparty.org, a site for similarly intellectually-challenged goofballs. Nah, I'm not going to link to it. The site is the Internet face of the Tea Party Society.

Turns out goober there was given the ol' Texas-sized boot from the Society, which was apparently embarrassed by Dale's stupid sign from back in February '09.

Funny how this embarrasses their stupid asses, but not any of the hundreds of others seen across the country over the last year. I went to Google and typed in "teabagger signs" and got some choice items:

Over at Bob Cesca's blog on Crooks & Liars: Obama Has a Crisis of Competnce"

At Buzzfeed: That Teabagger Signs Say vs. What They Mean. A little Photoshop amusement.

And more of the same: Morons With Signs! Apparently Obama's the Anti-Chist!! O noes!

Nah. All the Obama-as-Hitler stuff, all the Obama-as-witchdoctor stuff, the shouting down of elected officials, the gun-toting imbeciles at Town Hall meetings...no, DALE's stupid sign is where they drew the line!

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