Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Editorial Policies

This blog will not make a distinction between the various types of creationism. So-called "intelligent design" is nothing but a euphemism for creationism, an attempt at re-branding, a political term intended to gloss over that whole "religion" thing. The only real dichotomy we see amongst creationists is the notion of old-earth (millions or billions or years) or new-earth (thousands of years): both agree that their imaginary friend did all the work. Besides, it apparently pisses off the "intelligent design" sect (like the fun-lovin' folks at the Discovery Institute) when they're called "creationists." Bonus!

Similarly, American fundamentalists have been trying over the past decade to re-brand themselves as "evangelicals." Nope: they are fundamentalists.

Any additional policies will be added to this post and tagged with "Updates."

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