Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Quake Shakes out the Kooks!

Was anyone really surprised when Dodderin' Pat "Gawd Told Me To Run Fer Pres'dent" Robertson claimed that Haiti was cursed as an "explanation" for the quake?

Sadly, I wasn't. It's the evil old bastard's only way of getting attention anymore.

Was anyone really surprised that Pigboy Limbaugh immediately jumped on the tragedy as a way to bitch about Obama?

Sadly, I wasn't. Pigboy makes his living making things political.

I'm in the wrong gawddamn line of work. These two pricks are raking in the millions.

Did you know that the earthquake was actually an American weapon, and that something went wrong? They're preparing a new test--this time in Iran. It's all linked to September 11 and the July 7, 2005 "bombing" in London [they call it a 'mock bombing']! Hugo Chavez says it's true!

Update [Feb. 9, 2010]:
In other news, John Travolta has single-handedly solved the whole Haiti problem by sending "E-Meters" and $cientology preachers...and some medics, food and water. Not like the Haitians have enough problems.

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