Saturday, October 31, 2009

Religidiots List

Last Update: Nov. 8, 2009

(Note: As each of the longer entries gets a post of its own, the list will become just a list of names and organizations)

Anderson, Steven: Preacher who prays for Obama's death
Bachmann, Michele: Politician--Congress, R-MN

Baldwin, Chuck ("preacher"; failed presidential contender; dominionist)--buys into the "Obama internment camps" crap. Source: Renew America--his article, "Why are internment camps being built?" He dishonestly claimed on his massive church sign that a man was "thrown in jail for praying"--but the truth of it is that the man was part of the Santa Rosa County (Florida--go figure, huh?) school system and was ignoring a judge's instruction to stop leading students in prayer. There's plenty of crazy at that site in the link--shut off your irony meters, grab your tinfoil hats, and put down your drink--you don't want to snarf on your keyboard.

Boone, Pat: "musician"
Bozell, Brent L. III: Media Research Center; Catholic League
Braughton, Christopher: brought gun town hall meeting; member Anderson's church
Bryant, Anita: "actor"; anti-gay
Bush, George H.W.: failed president
Bush, George W.: failed president; war criminal
Cameron, Kirk: Actor; creationist; thinks banana proof of god
Cass, Gary: Christian Anti-Defamation Commission
Comfort, Ray: creationist; pals with Cameron, Kirk
Corgan, Billy: Singer, Smashing Pumpkins; anti-vaxxer

Daniels, Kimberly ("preacher"); she wrote a column for Pat Robertson's CBC (10/29/2009) warning of demon-possessed Halloween candy. Source: Americans United for Separation of Church & State. Likes to travel around from speaking engagement to speaking engagement in a big-ass bus called the "Demon Buster." Thinks all that stuff is real.

Donohue, Bill: Mouthpiece--Catholic League
Dunbar, Cynthia: Politician--TX; rabid creationist; wants to demolish Texas school system
Falwell, Jerry: Preacher (deceased)
Frist, Bill: Quack; Retired politician
Gibson, Mel: Actor
Hatch, Orrin: Politician
Hovind, Eric: Preacher
Hovind, Kent: Preacher; Dinosaur Adventure Land
Keyes, Allen (Alan?): Failed politician
Moore, Roy: Failed judge; ten commandments douche
Norris, Chuck: "actor"; wild-eyed fundie
Palin, Sarah: failed VP candidate
Pratt, Heidi: Famous for being famous
Prejean, Carrie: failed beauty queen

Robertson, Pat ("preacher"; failed presidential contender)--there are many. Most recently (10/29/09), he screeched about President Obama signing into law hate-crimes legislation to protect the GLBT community from people like Robertson--because he and his buddies should be able to freely beat up gays and trannies!

Santorum, Rick: Failed politician; name is now synonymous with byproduct of anal sex.

Sheppard, Sherrie (of "The View")--she doesn't know that the Earth is round--"never thought about it":

...and claims that Jesus is older than anything else.

Fortunately, all it takes is a caveman:

Stein, Ben: Mouthpiece
Terry, Randall: Terrorist; rabidly anti-abortion
Wildmon, Donald: Mouthpiece

American Family Association
Operation Rescue--anti-abortion
Catholic League--Bill Donohoue
Parents' Television Council--Brent Bozell
Westboro Baptist Church--Fred Phelps
Islamic Thinkers Society of New York, The--Fundie Muslims; death to America
Christian Anti-Defamation Commission--Gary Cass
Dinosaur Creation Land--Hovind

"News" Outlets:
Christian Broadcast Corp--Pat Robertson
One News Now
Newsbusters--Brent Bozell
CNS News--Brent Bozell (right-wing 'news')
Media Research Center--Brent Bozell; parent of CNS News

Quacks List

Last Update: Nov. 8, 2009

Clark, Hulda (quack; deceased)--wrote books claiming to be able to cure all cancers. Died of cancer September 3, 2009. [Source:] She claimed that the liver fluke was responsible for just about every big-name disease (you get the AIDS if the worm gets your thymus gland!)

Null, Gary ("health & fitness guru")--anti-vaccination, anti-pharmaceuticals industry, anti-medical and all that. Likes to claim that various cures for diseases are being suppressed by the medical and pharmaceutical industries because "they" can't have people getting well by using alternative medicine. [Source:] Ignores the fact that if there's money to be made, the pharma guys will hit it, and a cure for cancer would make for big big big money.

Wakefield, Andrew: Quack; no med license

Anti-Vaxxers List

Last Update: Nov. 8, 2009

Anti-vaccination kooks (links go to source info):

Carrey, Jim--Actor
Corgan, Billy--Singer, Smashing Pumpkins
Handley, J. B.--founder, Generation Rescue
Imus, Don--Mouthpiece
Kennedy, Robert F. Jr.
Mahar, Bill--Comedian, mouthpiece
McCarthy, Jenny (Playboy model; "actress")--Mouthpiece, Generation Rescue
Null, Gary ("health and fitness guru" [i.e., 'quack']); source:
Spiner, Brent (actor); source: Respectful Insolence blog
Wakefield, Andrew Quack; no med license

Blogs & Organizations
Age of Autism: Blog--JB Handley
Generation Rescue: Organization--Anti-vax
Thoughtful House: Organization--Anti-vax

Welcome to the Kook Clearinghouse!

Well, everyone but the kooks are welcome.

Let's think of this as a zoo, wherein the kooks are on display in all their breathtaking stupidity.

SEE!! Orly Taitz, the mother of all "birthers," part-dentist, part-lawyer, all crazy!

SEE!!! "Typhoid" Jenny McCarthy and her mate, Jim Carrey, who claim that her kid's autism was caused by vaccination!

SEE!!! Oprah Winfrey, who facilitates Typhoid Jenny and her anti-vaxxer menagerie!

SEE!!!! Rosie O'Donnell, who apparently watched the "Loose Chanj" video and convinced herself that their "points" are all valid. "There's no way that heat could MELT STEEEEL!!"

All coming soon!