Saturday, October 31, 2009

Anti-Vaxxers List

Last Update: Nov. 8, 2009

Anti-vaccination kooks (links go to source info):

Carrey, Jim--Actor
Corgan, Billy--Singer, Smashing Pumpkins
Handley, J. B.--founder, Generation Rescue
Imus, Don--Mouthpiece
Kennedy, Robert F. Jr.
Mahar, Bill--Comedian, mouthpiece
McCarthy, Jenny (Playboy model; "actress")--Mouthpiece, Generation Rescue
Null, Gary ("health and fitness guru" [i.e., 'quack']); source:
Spiner, Brent (actor); source: Respectful Insolence blog
Wakefield, Andrew Quack; no med license

Blogs & Organizations
Age of Autism: Blog--JB Handley
Generation Rescue: Organization--Anti-vax
Thoughtful House: Organization--Anti-vax

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