Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wingnut Preacher okays child abuse

Brain-dead wingnut preacher preaches that parents should "punch" their "gay-acting" kids and break their limp wrists. When the Internet rises up in wrath and tells him to STFU, the cowardly knee-crawler whines that he was only kidding and issues a non-apology apology.


I'd rather have my kid grow up gay (and happy) than grow up a stupid wingnut. I'd really think I'd failed as a parent if one of mine voted *spit* Republican, let alone chose the preacher lifestyle.

(edited to add a subject line)

Psycho Lard Tub Eric Cartman dead in Murder-Suicide

Evil Nazi crapball coward JT "Eric Cartman" Ready wiped out his own family (including an 18-month old child), then killed himself.

His plan was to blame a Mexican "cartel assassination squad," possibly in the hope that it would trigger the race war thing the wingnuts keep hoping for when they do shit like this. Cartman was one of those self-styled border guard types. Readers will be astonished to find that his house contained guns, grenades, guns, and guns.