Friday, March 2, 2012

Pic of the Day: Bing-Bong.

he was a f@#$er. a big ass motherf@#$er. this aint a 24-hour zone, baby. he was a bad, bad dude.

Oh, wait, that's Andy gloating about Ted Kennedy's death. He and his wingnut buddies were dancing in the streets that day! Good times, good times. But his wingnut buddies are demanding that everyone show Dick some respect--"BEHAVE YOURSELVES! BEHAVE YOURSELVES!!"

Didja know that Obama had him rubbed out to keep Andy from releasing incriminating video of him? It's on the Interwebs, must be TRUE!

Andy was one of the less-interesting kooks (just your basic angry, unhappy loudmouth, and a very small man); we didn't pay him much attention in life. We expect that he'll be much quieter now.

If he'd acted like a decent human being in public instead of a puffed-up screaming prick, he might be a sympathetic character here at the Clearinghouse. As it is, we shake our heads and go on to the next kook.

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