Monday, January 30, 2012

In Our Backyard: Pensacola Christer College

Yes, Good old Pensacola Christer College, an unaccredited hellhole and purveyor of fundamentalist crap--where brane sells go too dye!

BECOME! a useless conservative shill zombie today! You'll be unemployable in MILLIONS of top-quality high-paying JOBS!!

FEEL!! your gray cells dying even as you hurry past this evil facility!

Young-Earth Creationism! Dinsaurs were dragons! Earth's only 6,000 years old! Science is wrong! And everywhere you look, Satan SatanSatan SATANSATANSATANSATAN!!11!!11!!!!

Conveniently located right next to Hovind's Dinosaur Adventure Land--and sharing much of his idealogy. Too bad PCC's founder isn't in prison, too.

SEE!!! their astonishing array of rules; you're only allowed to listen to approved radio stations; no public library visits; no electric guitars or amps! There are segregated elevators, stairwells, and sidewalks to keep the sexes from mingling!

No mention of whether the rules cover little groups of the "college's" weirdling homeschooled toads students mobbing the entrances of gay clubs, hoping to win blowjobs converts.

We've heard rumors that PCC has tried to force the auto detailing shop on the corner of Davis and Brent to repaint their building to conform to PCC's decor.

AND...they have a planetarium.

They're not alone in their backwards, restrictive rules that treat a college student like a kindergartner, though. Have a look at some of Bob Jones University's rules. No rock music, no watching movies above a "G" rating...and you have to turn your freaking weapons in for STORAGE?!

We especially liked this line from BJU's dress code:
Abercrombie & Fitch and its subsidiary Hollister have shown an unusual degree of antagonism to biblical morality. Therefore, BJU asks its students not to patronize these stores, wear their clothing or display articles containing their names or logos.

"Asks." We'd bet that there's a bit more weight behind it than that.

Apparently BJU (hahahaha) forced asked a furniture shop to change its offensive name from "Naked Furniture Outlet" to "Unfinished Furniture Outlet" (see the comments in the Democratic Undergound link above) and tried to arm themselves with machine guns in the '60s to protect the white girls.

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