Thursday, February 11, 2010

The First Rule of Fight Ministry... to beat the hell out of each other to show how much ya luuuuurve Juh-HEEEzus!

See, that doesn't scan the way the Fight Club rules do. Too clumsy, like all the other attempts by religidiots to break into mainstream stuff so that they, too, will seem cool and edgy. Think "hard rock"...then think "Creed."

Metal? Stryper.

They've even tried the Death Metal scene, for fark's sake.

They could suck the cool out of a glacier. That's what's causing Global Warming!

Now, old Jimmy "Fun Lovin' " Dobson's son Ryan and others are running Extreme Martial Arts clubs in parallel with the more mundane religion schtick. They say it's intended to inject "machismo" into the apparently otherwise girly-man church scene. They're using it for outreach.

Gives me a mental image of some hard-core pricks roughing people up: "Hey. Come to my church or I'll kick your effin' ass."

I guess it'd be a logical step up from what the preacher wannabe's from Pensacola Christian College do, hanging out in front of the gay clubs downtown in search

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  1. ROFL! I've been watching Christians copy "pop culture" for most of my life, as they try to combine their hatred of modern life with their need to compete with it.

    But in all that time, I've seen nothing like this.

    -Jay Roberts, Atlanta.