Friday, February 5, 2010

Are they done striking yet?

Back on January 20--the first anniversary of Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Obama's inauguration--all the teabaggers in the world were supposed to go on strike, intending to demolish all the Democrat-supporting companies, crushing them, rending them, and standing in front of their shops with poorly-spelled protest signs.

Yes, McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell would be brought to their knees, deprived of their nighttime cleanup crews.

Wal-Mart would grind to a halt, sans greeters.

Drivers across the nation would briefly breathe easier, without a bunch of stupid blue-hairs and old farts holding things up in the passing lane or pulling into traffic without looking where they're going.

So what happened?

Nothing. Not a damn thing:

Now that the day of the strike has come, the tea partiers are nowhere to be seen. The website devoted to the project is full of questions from confused would-be strikers, and the organizer of the protest has disconnected his phone.

I spent the day dodging geriatric conservative morons just like always. Normally the 'baggers congregate in front of the local ABC-TV affiliate studios, since that's about the only way to get TeeVee coverage of their otherwise pathetic bids for attention.

Oh, well. There's always April 15th--that's the teabaggers' Halloween.

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