Saturday, September 17, 2011

Put Pat Robertson in a Home, Already.

Terminally insane brain-dead dirtbag, failed Presidential candidate and fundie Pat Robertson has never been one to keep his gnarly cloven hooves out of his pie-hole for very long.

Now, Satan's Nutsack says it's fine to divorce your Alzheimer's-afflicted spouse if they're too far gone (they won't remember anyway, right?), whatever that means.

Unlike demented, decrepit rat bastard Ron Paul and his slavering "Let 'Em Die" Libertarian fanboys, we think old Pat's family should bundle him up and relocate him to a peaceful retirement facility in the Virginia Beach area.

Or--given his condition--he might be "too far gone" himself and he can spend his waning days in hospice, where he can look the families of Alzheimer's patients in the eye and tell them it's okay to just leave Gramps, because he's too far gone and won't notice.

Congratulations, Pat--we didn't have an "Evil" tag yet, but you're the first kook to earn one. Way to give Rick "Goodhair" Perry and Ron "Let 'Em Die" Paul a run for the most batshit, evil right-winger in the country!

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