Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bachmann's an Idiot. And a flake. A flaky idiot.

Par for the Republican course, it seems. Michele Bachmann is well-known for coming out with stupid--or dishonest--or both--things to say whenever there's a camera lurking around, but I think she's topped herself.

Whaaaaat? She topped her claim that the Shot Heard Round the World happened in New Hampshire?

Okay, this one's a close second to that.

Whaaaaaaaat?! She topped her claim that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery, and that John Quincy Adams was one of them?

Dammit! See, there's so much batshit with this wingnut that it's getting really hard to assess her kookness in terms of a top-ten.

She invoked the name of conservative magnet John Wayne and (not for the first time) linked him to Waterloo, Iowa.

She picked the wrong clown. She's actually talking about kid-killer John Wayne...Gacy, the Killer Clown. We wonder if she knows the difference between them. If Gacy was a Republican, she'd probably sing his praises, 33 murders notwithstanding.

She's since admitted to not being perfect, but stands by her stupidity, and that's why she's the new Republican Stupid Queen. Stand aside, Palin, you amateur. There's a new conservative cutie-pie on the stage with a flaky crust and an incredible batshit center!

Best thing I've seen said about her, from Bill Mahar: "Michele Bachmann! For People Who Find Sarah Palin Too Intellectual."

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